Just A Blessing

            I do not remember if I have mentioned it before but I am the Administrative Assistant at my church. One of my duties is to print the bulletins for Sabbath. Normally I would do it on Friday but I did not like that I had no room for error if our janky printer went loco and for other reasons I have been doing it on Wednesday since I am there anyway.

            This past Wednesday I knew the toner was low. Last time it was low I printed about 350 more bulletins (4900 pages) and then put in a new toner but someone told me to basically milk it until I can not get any more out of it. Well that was a terrible idea because I got half way through printing the quarterly inserts and the printer is like, “Hey, you know what time it is. Get that toner girllll.” No problem right? Wrong. I put the new toner in and the printer would not recognize that I put it in which meant I could not print anything else.

            For weeks I had been trying to get an appointment with a technician to work on the printer because the staples would misalign both randomly and obviously but due to scheduling conflicts it did not happen and I worked it out myself (like a boss). Wednesday I call the company and try to get a technician over but they were all busy and emergency service would cost $300-$400 an hour (Jesus take the wheel). I set the (standard, non-emergency) appointment for Friday and prayed for a solution.

            Friday around 10:00 am I confirmed with the company that a technician would be out and at 11:30 am Mark called to say he was on his way. I got to the church about 12:00 pm (praying all the way) and Mark was in and out before 1:00 pm (bada-bing bada-boom). The part that Mark needed just happened to be in his truck (I see you Jesus, wink). He put the toner in and even got another one down from the shelf that my short self could not reach. Mark said that he had been calling us for days but when we looked into it, we realized the company had sent him an incorrect number (strange considering our history with them but whatev). I printed with no problem and finished the same time I normally would have. It was such a relief. I do not ever recall a week where we did not have bulletins and I sure do not want it to happen while I am in office.

            Now that I think about it, I must have grown. Normally I would get really frustrated, angry and probably try to kick the machine out the window (really impractical, glad I didn’t go that route) but I did not even get upset. I just rolled with it. I kept calm and carried on, if you will. You see, I am doing this thing where I just trust God and not get bent out of shape when things do not go my way and I am truly reaping the benefits. It is really difficult, I had no idea I was such a control freak in so many aspects but God is working it out.


4 thoughts on “Just A Blessing

    • Amen! “Let go and let God” is a common phrase but it’s easier said than done for me. I am being blessed for getting out of God’s way so to speak and these blessings remind me that God is near and He cares even when He feels far away or I don’t understand what He’s trying to do.

      • That phrase is always easier said than done for most of us, me included. We always want to take control one way or another. But God is always gracious and caring. He is there even when we think He isnt.

        God bless you and Happy Sabbath from where I am. 🙂

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