Month of Miracles (Part 3)

            After my Artscape adventure, next up was my Vacation Bible school voyage (heh).  My mom had been the VBS director for the last nine or ten years and for the last two years she has declared, “I am not doing it anymore; I’m tired; no, no, no.” etc. and the youth led out. This year she was standing firm until whoever was supposed to lead out had some scheduling conflict and could not do it (about 2 weeks before VBS was supposed to start). Then our pastor began to lean on her…long story short, we ended up at Sam’s Club (a members-only warehouse where most items are in bulk) to buy snacks for the week of VBS.

            Neither one of us has a Sam’s card so we planned to meet Sister Boyd (love you!) there since she has one. Well mom and I figured we could get there early and shop for everything and all Sister Boyd would have to do is meet us at the register with her card since she was coming from work and all (long day).

            Mom and I stroll across the parking lot with our cart toward the entrance. I notice that a lady ahead of us give her Sam’s card to the checker (I guess) and proceed into the vastness of this glorious retail complex known as Sam’s Club.

            I whisper, “Ma..we need a card to get in, the lady is checking cards.” Of course, right? We do not shop at Sam’s club often (because a family of three doesn’t need a 60 pack of jelly, am I right?) so we forget there is a bouncer carding folks before we can enter Club Sam’s (anyone else hear music?). We look at each other and keep on moving. In my mind I am like, “Ok God, here we go”, and putting together the story of why we do not have a card but someone who does is going to meet us yada, yada. Right as we approached the bouncer who had not yet made eye contact with us, her radio, which was on a stool about six feet to her left, received some sort of alien transmission (communication from the mother ship) which was a loud, shrieking, crinkly noise. She immediately turned and went over to it and we kept on walking into the store without breaking our stride or registering in the bouncer’s line of sight. We smiled at each other and said, “Amen!” then we handled our business and got out of there quicker than a bartender could say “last call”.

            I may refer to that as a small miracle because of its simple nature (it’s all semantics) but I do not believe there is such a thing. To me all miracles are BIG and I will never forget that. Others may call it coincidence but I believe my God is just that capable so I attribute it to him rather than a random act of serendipity.


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