Month of Miracles (Part 1)

            Finally, I get a little break! July was so busy but it must have been for God too because He was so active in my life! There were four miracles that occurred in my life that I have to share.

           First is a 2-piece (no fries with that). It started about a week before July 4th, my dad and I had a disagreement about something insignificant and the last thing he said was “I can’t be bothered with it.” At that instant, I had an epiphany, “that’s how he lives his life, he can’t be bothered…with nearly everything.” Those words pissed me off to the nth degree and uncharacteristically for me I shut down. I did not talk to him, hang out, or let him know when or where I was going. I could not even stand to look at him. He knew something was wrong and asked my mom what was going on because I was being standoffish. His idea of asking me what was wrong was saying, “Guess I’m in the doghouse huh?” days later. “No” (that satisfied him somehow), he was not in the doghouse (although…). I was not angry; I was upset and hurt and could not be bothered with him. I could not remain civil in my own strength it was all God. My extra real side wanted to throw his words back at him; “What’s wrong?”, “Oh nothing, I just can’t be bothered with you anymore.” It was on the tip of my tongue and I prayed that I would not speak those malicious words because I KNEW I would regret it if I had hurt his feelings

            July 4th rolls around and I seriously considered not going to our family cookout because I did not want to interact with him. I went but it sure was a quiet ride. I sat at the same table and heck, I even poured him some soda but my heart was not really in it all. Back at home I was discussing all the rigmarole with mom and she startled me when she asked, “How can you just cut him off like that? Would you do the same thing to me?” I could not answer but I knew I was doing something terrible. She said I should not treat him that way and that life is short which, not to be morbid, held even more weight considering his old age (big age gap between them). Of course I knew that but I just was not ready to make nice and I was a little annoyed that he never seriously asked me what was wrong and asking mom instead. I prayed and prayed that something would happen that would lead us to hashing it out but little did I know what God had in store for me. (cont…)


2 thoughts on “Month of Miracles (Part 1)

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    There has tto be a way youu are able to remove me from tat service?

    • On the left side of the front page it should say somewhere “You are following this blog, along with 201 other amazing people (manage).” click manage and unsubscribe

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