Risky Business (cont…)

           The illustration PDF used came from II Kings 7. To give a little background information, in chapter 6, the king of Syria (Ben-Hadad) had besieged Samaria during a time of famine. If the Samarians (Samaritans) left the city, the Syrians would have attacked them but if hey remained within the city walls, they would starve. The famine was so bad that he Samarians began to eat “unclean” things (he-haw II Kings 6:25) and resorted to cannibalism (II Kings 6:28,29), which was prophesized back in Deuteronomy 26:53-57 by the way.

         In chapter 7, four lepers who sat at the city gate (those with leprosy had to live apart from the general population because it was contagious and ultimately deadly) decided they had enough! They figured they would die whether they were in the famine-plagued city or outside of its gates. They said, “let us surrender to the Syrians. If they save us, we will live but if they kill us we will only die”, but when the lepers reached the Syrian camp it was like a ghost town, not a soul in sight. They were gone but their belongings remained. Well you will not believe what happened to the Syrians! God made it such that they heard noise from what sounded like a big army coming their way and thy hit the road in a hurry, leaving everything behind.

         The lepers were living it up in the Syrian camp. They ate, drank, picked up some new threads and pocketed some loot but after a board meeting, they decided it was best to let the king know that the coast was clear. The lepers’ action was the catalyst for the restoration of the Samaritan state!

         I, like the lepers, have NOTHING to lose and no reason to fear when I take a step into the unknown because God said that he would supply all of my needs (Philippians 4:23) and that He would never leave me nor forsake me (Hebrews 13:5). Sadly I, (most of the time) like the Samarians, am not a risk taker. When between a rock and a hard place, I just cannot force myself to peep around the rock. However, when I reflected on how much I have changed over the years and the direction I am going, I realized that I am becoming a risk taker! I am learning and growing, I have the tools and the know-how. It was like thinking I had to build a house all by myself but looking up to see that the foundation, frame, doors, walls, windows and wiring were all in place and the Godhead is standing there with hard hats on. All I have to do is decorate!


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