Best Sabbath Ever!

          Now that I have had some time to settle down I must absolutely tell everyone about my beautiful Sabbath day! Friday, I was sick again (3rd time in 2 months!) and feeling pretty miserable. My hair was out of control, I had not studied my lesson and I had a video to edit for the next day so I was up late dealing with all of that. I was debating whether or not to go to church; I did not want to make anyone else sick yet it would not sit right with me that I could get up and go to work but not get up for church. Also, I was already obligated to take photos for the event happening that day. Last time I dragged myself to church when I was sick, I was a miserable, snotty, whiney mess and I really should have stayed home.

          When I rolled out of bed Sabbath morning, I was so congested and could not even breathe out of my nose but other than that I felt fine. There was no way I could shirk my duties or miss the wonderful things in store. “What are these wonderful things of which you speak?” Well, let me tell you, my mom was teaching our Sabbath school class (an awesome study of discipleship and spiritual leadership and our guests for the day included about half of the Deliverance Mass Choir from Andrews University and Pastor Timothy Nixon who delivered the sermon.

          If you know me, you also know I am not one who likes crowds but I was so excited that so many people came out to support the program. I sent all the visitors to my mom’s class (because it’s the best of course!) and they even participated in the discussion. A guest, a lovely, young sister named Claudia, made an unforgettable point about discipleship. She said that we think of Jesus as a “what” instead of a “who” and when we think of Him as a “what”, something that we do not have, we think we cannot do. Wow! My mind was blown. Jesus is not a “thing” to be acquired in order for us to be successful disciples; He is our Savior and friend who walks beside us via the Holy Spirit.

           After an amazing class, I was pumped. I went downstairs to help prepare for the meal after service but I got wrapped up speaking to someone I was not any help at all regarding meal preparation (lol, for the best since I was all germy) but I got to make a suggestion that will hopefully help the person I was talking to move forward in his ministry.

          Heading back upstairs, I stopped to cut up with my mom and the other greeters at the door. We laughed and welcomed people in with cheerful spirits. We went inside to hear Pastor Nixon and I am so glad I did. The man was on fire! He talked about Elijah and how cocky he was like when he said he was the only prophet of God left yet in previous chapters it says that Obadiah hid 100 of God’s prophets in a cave and how Moses had to cover his face because it was too bright for the Israelites to stand after he had been in God’s presence but even as his “glow” faded he kept the covering on because he wanted them to think he still had it going on.

          We ate after service and the guest were so gracious. Then it was time for the concert. Oh did I not mention that before? THE Deliverance Mass Choir all the way from Berrien Springs, MI. came during their spring break to minister to us through song in full concert! I played ninja photographer for the day and was darting all over the place but I had to stop and praise. When Pastor Franklin said hearing them was life changing, I believed him but my God, my God, I have never experienced anything like this and I will NEVER forget it.

          It is Monday and I am still floating on a high. Such power, talent and emotion; it was absolutely undeniable that God was in Berea. People from the community came, alumni from Andrews and other pastors from the ministerium joined us as well. It was truly a spiritual experience, I literally feel like I got baptized all over again. It was the best total Sabbath experience I have ever had. Now I just pray that everyone will treasure the experience and it will make a difference in how we interact with God and each other. I want to have this feeling forever but that is idealistic so instead, whenever I feel down in the future, I can cling to this experience and God will turn things around! Believe it!


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