Say Cheese!

           This Sabbath I volunteered at the soup kitchen so I did not get to see my church family early in the morning as I usually do. Thinking about it caused me to reflect back to last week when seeing my church members really made a difference.

            Last Friday I wore my little self out looking for jobs online (don’t even get me started). Anyway, I just felt kind of dull the rest of the night and that feeling just would not go away. I prayed, went to bed and had a restless night’s sleep. Saturday morning, I woke up feeling just as bland as the night before but I got ready as usual. That morning my mom drove and picked up another church member on the way, Clifton Carter. Brother Carter got in the car smiling, said good morning and had mom and me laughing at him in no time.

            On the way to church we laughed and talked about church ministry, evangelism as well as shared some ideas for the future. I was feeling brighter before I even realized it and by the time we got to church, I was all smiles. As we walked in, my aunt Sheila, brother McCleary, sister McCleary and Thelma Phillips all of whom were smiling as well, warmly greeted us.

           When I realized that I felt better all I could think was “thank you Jesus” and “wow, what a difference a little warmth makes”. I was so glad that I did not stay home sulking and feeling sorry for myself and I feel like I was rewarded for not doing that.

           I felt really blessed and thought about my own attitude. How many times has my sour expression failed to cheer someone else up? How many times did I look uninviting or unapproachable and actually scare off a blessing? I was positively affected by something so small. I will definitely be more aware of how my attitude affects others from now on.


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