A Prayer (3): A Prayer for Soothing

           My Lord, most worthy and high God, you are beyond precious to me and of infinite value. I humbly come before you in prayer to lay my burden at your feet. Instead of the happy, hopeful, peaceful spirit you desire for me to have, my spirit is downcast and restless.

            I am angry with myself for what I cannot do and my inability to change as dramatically, drastically and as quickly as I want to. This easily frustrates me and I wonder, “What good am I. Of what use am I to anyone in this state?”

           Consider my words Lord, and when you speak I will listen. I cannot do anything without you so please work in my life and rearrange anything in my life that you have to in order for me to change. Change my mind. Change my heart. Change my life. Send your Holy Spirit to comfort me in this period of anxiety and soothe my restless spirit so that I can move forward and not drown in these stagnant feelings but cling to the buoy that is your loving care and kindness.

            All these things I ask of you claiming the promise that if I ask, it shall be given to me and that you hear my prayers. In your holy name I pray, amen.


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