The ABC’s of SDA’s (3)

           The third SDA fundamental belief is that of God the Father. My first recollection of God the Father is that of a white-skinned, gray-haired, old man with flowing robes who watched over the world with a stern face in anticipation of hurling lightning bolts at wrongdoers (God and the Greek god Zeus were pretty similar to me back then). Never have I seen a serious religious depiction of God the Father smiling even when I googled it (Morgan Freeman came up in the image search). Yes, God has many “instant kills” under his belt but God is not just some vengeful entity smiting left and right. Imagine the patience, love, and kindness it took for God not to crumple the earth in his hands and toss it over his shoulder (swish, nothing but net). I mean, how many times did humankind disobey? It was a constant cycle of deliverance, disobedience, repentance and forgiveness yet even with those he made examples of to keep humankind on the right track, they refused and still refuse to obey. If I were in God’s position, I would have started over from scratch after Adam and Eve sinned. I imagine that if God loved us enough to allow us to live (in spite of ourselves) it must have hurt him to have to discipline those he loved so harshly. As opposed to the angry, fiery-eyed depictions of God I see him as a loving father that feels sorrow at the prospect of his children’s disobedience and their subsequent discipline at his hand.

            I believe such a God is worthy to be praised. Revelation 4:11 says, “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. “ I suppose many people wonder why God created beings that he knew would ultimately be influenced by sin and anguish him with their actions repeatedly but this verse reveals that it pleased God to create us. Honestly, I am not completely satisfied with that answer so if I make it to heaven, that is something that I will look forward to asking God.

           If someone asked me who this God person is, aside from the Creator, I would say God is love. He loved us before he even created us. 1 John 4:7-9 tells us that if we love, then we know God because God is love. Even those who think they do not love God know him better than they think if they have ever loved someone and God definitely knows them (great witnessing point). For a God who first loved us, is so intimately familiar with us as to know the number of hairs on our heads and loved us so much as to allow his son to die for us, it is high time we made an effort to know him.


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