Use Me

“I want to spread the news, that if it feels this good getting used, oh you just keep on using me, until you use me up.”

            I do not know about you all, but I have old parents. Back in the day they would play songs that are now referred to as “oldies but goodies”. Yes, they’re secular songs but just because I am a Christian does not mean my secular memories were deleted (nor do I live under a rock). The line above was from a song entitled “Use Me” by Bill Withers (he also sang “Lovely Day “and “Lean on Me”). Though the song is secular, the aforementioned line is reminiscent of how I want my relationship with God to be. Simply put, I want God to use me.

            Let us take a look at the word “use”. As a verb, one of its definitions is, “to bring or put into service or action”. As a noun, one of its definitions is, “the quality of being suitable or adaptable to an end” (thank you Mr. Webster). I find it amazing how appropriate these definitions are in relationship to ministry. I am in service for God and I am taking actions to show how God has blessed me. As a Christian, I should be adaptable, malleable and moldable (like clay) also for the purpose of spreading the gospel.

            Being used by another person neither feels good (unless you are into that) nor does it yield any benefits to the person being used (take parasitism for example). What it often yields is feelings of anger, resentment, and embarrassment. But being used by God is a different story. When I allow God to use me, I am blessed in return and left feeling happy, grateful, and fulfilled. Of course, I have an example. Just last Sunday (July first) while still suffering the effects of the blackout, my mom and I went to a store in a different neighborhood to pick up a few things. There was a lady asking for one dollar and sixty cents so she would have enough bus fare to put her son on the bus. My mom did not have cash and I had a ten dollar bill so the lady found someone else to ask. What the lady was going to do was pay for someone’s items with her food stamps and get the dollar and sixty cents in return. After I paid for me and my mom’s stuff, I had two dollars which I offered to the lady. She seemed surprised that I was giving it to her for nothing in return and kept thanking me for my two little dollar bills. I just smiled, said “no problem” and did not think anymore of it. Lo and behold, my dad comes in Friday and slides me a twenty dollar bill (Hello President Jackson). I ended up with eighteen bucks (after tithe) and all it cost me was two.

            That is a small example but the fact that I was blessed remains. I allowed God to use me to do something for someone else (instead of resisting) and I am better for it. Yeah, the lady could have been dishonest or trying to use me but I flipped it and let God use me instead. So God, keep on using me until you use me up.


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