I Don’t Have to…

         A while ago my mom told me about a conversation she had with a coworker. If I remember correctly, it was a Friday and the coworker was going on about all the things she had to do after work and on Saturday. My mom told her that she did not have to do any of that stuff and that she just had to rest and relax. Naturally, the coworker curiously asked “why?” to which my mom responded by explaining what the sabbath was (witnessing opportunity). I do not know what became of that conversation but at the very least, the coworker learned something new. What a simple yet profound point!

            I must admit that prior to hearing that, I always thought of what I could not, should not, or did not do on the sabbath rather than what I did not have to do. Even when I realized there were so many things I could do, not once did I think of what I did not have to do but once I did, it only served to strengthen my affection for the sabbath. The only things I have to do on my Sabbath are rest and spend time with God. We all need a break from the riffraff of the week and what a great way to spend it. I don’t have to work, cook, clean, wash clothes, go shopping, do homework, study, go to school, get gas, wash my car, balance my checkbook, do my taxes, respond to emails I would rather ignore, sit in front of my computer all day or deal with (or even talk about) anything that doesn’t positively involve God. Ahh, this is the life!


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