The ABC’s of SDA’s (2)

              The second fundamental SDA belief is that of the Trinity, which is the concept of God in three persons or God the father, son and Holy Spirit as one unit. Not all Christian denominations believe in the Trinity and the concept is difficult to understand but even if one understands it, one has to decide whether to accept it as truth. I was probably introduced to the idea of the Trinity when I was around ten years old (I was in Pathfinders then) but I do not remember having a hard time either understanding or accepting it (who knows why…). However, I do remember an image that is often used in conjunction with this concept which is (an artists’ rendering of) the baptism of Jesus. Even non-Christians have probably seen it at least once; a picture of Jesus (and John the Baptist) in the middle of the Jordan river, with his hands outstretched, a ray of light shining down upon him and a dove flying overhead. There is Jesus (God the son), the ray of light (representing God the father) and the dove (representing God the Holy Spirit). The source of this image is Matthew 3:13-17 (also Mark 1:9-11 and Luke 3:21-23). I am fond of this image because it depicts the three parts of the trinity but it does not explain or show how they operate as a unit.

            After thinking it through, I have come up with an example that may make it easier to understand. Imagine if you will C Corp. C Corp. has three co-founders. Each co-founder has a separate role but they are all equal in ability. If you make an appointment to see THE co-founder, any one of the three co-founders could show up and aid you as effectively as the other two because they are all THE founder(s) of C Corp. if someone out there is struggling with the concept of the Trinity, I can only pray that this will provide at least a little clarity.


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