A Prayer (2): A Prayer for Prayer

              As you know God, I can satisfactorily improvise a prayer but it is much better when I write it down. I am not sure if my prayers are any better today than they were last year but I sure do have a lot of material so there is no reason why my prayers should not be more substantial. Though there are an infinite amount of things to pray about, I specifically want to pray about prayer.

             I have heard prayers that sound like pure poetry and have left me feeling as spiritually filled as a sermon would. I want that. I want to get to the point where I can say elegant, beautiful, inspiring, healing prayers without getting stuck or repeating myself; prayers without hesitation (not that others are any less sincere). For a long time I have used this formula for prayer ACTS (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication) and it is not that I feel I need to but once I started using it, my prayers began to fall into this order and began feeling stale (I prefer to put confession after thanksgiving anyway). In addition to the routine feeling of my prayers, many have been left incomplete as a result of my willing spirit but weak flesh (zzzzz). I pray that you will help me recall everything and everyone that I need to address during my prayers as well as complete them so that I can both give thanks to you and share a blessing with others.

            I have tried harder to pray without ceasing and now the act of praying about a given situation comes to mind much faster and more frequently than before but still not to the degree that I believe would be most pleasing to you. Humbly I come before you requesting that you give me the inspiration and presence of mind that will allow me to offer you prayers that are favorable and worthy of your hearing Lord. Amen.


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