Thinking of the Master’s Plan

Lately (meaning the last 4 years), I’ve had a hard time at life. I felt like a failure too many times to count and like nothing would ever go right. Time passed and I just drifted along with the current, anxious and uncertain about the direction in which I was going. When I was younger, I was so sure that a career in the sciences was what God wanted for me because He told me, “This is what I have in store for you” (just like that) but all my dreams were derailed (by stupid MATH ugh) and I ended up getting a B.A. in English Language & Literature which was wonderful but I was confused. Didn’t God want me to do work in science? Didn’t He say that was where I was going? Well, I struggled with trying to get accepted for science internships and programs that wouldn’t accept me because I was an English major; I had enough classes to qualify as a Biology minor but my school didn’t offer it so I have to refer to it as an “unofficial minor”. I prayed, cried, and grew discouraged because I had no clue what I could do with my unusual skill set. Despite all this, I didn’t give up. I applied to both English and Science programs and recently got accepted to the M.A. in CSI program at GWU. Throughout all of my worrying and stress, God was in control. He’s put me in the place I needed to be His way, which wasn’t the way I expected. Even though I didn’t know how God would carry out his plan for me in this area of my life, I didn’t resist. I’m glad I didn’t resist because if I had tried to do things of my own accord, I could have hindered my own progress and probably suffered a lot of heartache. I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time and I know it’s because I yielded to God’s guidance in my decision making. When I let God work in my life, wonderful things happen and now I can breathe a sigh of sweet relief. Thank you Jesus!


One thought on “Thinking of the Master’s Plan

  1. God always has a plan. We may not see it immediately but His direction sometimes catch us unaware. Keep on searching the scriptures and praying that way, we won’t grab the reins from Him. God bless you.

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