Look Jesus I Can Blog!

          Ministry, outreach, and witnessing are important parts of many (if not all) religions. They are also the hardest parts of my religion or me to engage in because I’m shy. I’ve been told that I am a great speaker, which is fine and dandy, I appreciate the compliment. However…I HATE PUBLIC SPEAKING WITH A MOST FIERY PASSION and you can tell because I’m typing in CAPS. I general I dislike situations where I am expected to perform under the focus of a crowd of people (*remember three is a crowd). Due to this aversion, it’s safe to assume I will never become a pastor, minister, or president.

            Helping people is something I enjoy so I do community service or other volunteer work as part of my outreach efforts but how often do I share my faith while I’m working at the soup kitchen. Never. I’ve even passed out literature a few times but that’s sort of touch and go, literally.

          Being a living example of my faith is something I’m striving for. That may inspire others but it won’t necessarily make them want to come to my church. Usually I only talk about my religion when I’m asked or if I have to explain why I will not do certain things between sunset Friday and sunset Saturday (because it’s my Sabbath/holy day).

          I have a duty to share my faith but I’ve been slacking. It’s strange and a little sad how it’s so easy to tell people where I got my awesome black-framed glasses with the lemon-lime interior (Optical Center 8521 Liberty Rd., Randallstown, MD 21133) but it’s so hard to tell people why I’m alive (Jesus). Thanks to Jesus and the anonymity of the internet, I can spread the Word without the help of a corny ice-breaker.

          The point of this blog is not just to witness by sharing my faith as a Seventh Day Adventist but to provide the forthcoming view of a young person trying to navigate this secular world with a Christian compass. (Was that a good metaphor or what? Christian compass…that was good too, I do so love alliteration)


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