About the Title

          One day it hit me. Yeah, just like that. I suddenly came to realize that of those who claim to be Christians, relatively few of us are actively living the lifestyle we believe we should according to our beliefs.
          My definition of a Christian was simply “a follower of Christ”. That definition isn’t wrong but it is incomplete. After a brief consultation with *ahem Wikipedia (what? I liked what was said), I’ve concluded that a Christian is a follower of Christ who also “adheres to Christianity and its principles”, as defined by the Bible. If I’m not fully adhering to the principles of Christianity, how can I claim to be a Christian so flippantly?
        For some time I’ve felt uncomfortable with and unworthy of calling myself a Christian because I’ve done and still do things that conflict with my religion. It has always bothered me that when one has a moment of weakness and succumbs to sin, someone will invariably say “and you call yourself a Christian”. Christians are human and are faced with the same issues that affect the secular world so it is not unusual for us to stumble along the path of righteousness. Therefore, I have decided that I will no longer call myself a Christian but an “aspiring Christian” more specifically an “aspiring Adventist”.

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